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Bio Health Screenings
Mobile Health Screenings

Bio Health Screenings is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality disease management program.

What We Do

Dermatology Consultation

Bio Health Screenings bridges the gap between preventive health care and managed care by bringing the screenings straight to YOU!

The Key to disease prevention and management is knowing where you are today and knowing where you are headed. To do this one must establish a baseline.

Bio Health Screenings establishes your baseline using BioMarkers

Our Screenings include but are not limited to:

  1. Osteoporosis 

  2. Heart Disease

  3. Diabetes

  4. Glaucoma

  5. Weight Management

  6. Asthma

  7. Prostate

  8. Skin Damage *

  9. Stroke Prevention

  10. ...and many more.


  • Key areas of your physical health that should be measured and monitored over time.

  • Physical benchmarks resulting from diagnostic evaluations indicating one’s degree of risk to specific disease states.

BioMarkers include but are not limited to:

  • Lean Muscle Mass

  • Hormone Levels

  • Body Fat Percent

  • Cholesterol Levels

  • Basal Metabolic Rate

  • Bone Mineral Density

Stairway to Healthy Lifestyles

We will take you step-by-step through the
process of knowing your BioMarkers, setting healthy lifestyle goals and designing
a plan for achievement.

Female Patient

Patient Education

We will provide a comprehensive model for total disease management. Our list of services can be customized based on your needs and time constraints. 

Personalized Reports and Diagnostic Interpretations

Each of our recommended screening instruments generates personalized patient reports with physician-ready diagnostic interpretations.

Disease Workshops

We have prepared Power Point slide presentations for each disease state highlighting the
prevention and maintenance for each targeted disease state. 

Ongoing Consultation

We offer our patients an opportunity to participate in ongoing educational programs held at the pharmacy and other local sites.

Doctor's Visit

We Take Pride in Our 5 Step Goal Achievement Program


Self Evaluation


Define Goals


Assemble a Plan


Initiate Action


Review to determine results.

Do you want Bio Health Screenings to come to your facility?

Bio Health Screenings would love to bring our services to you. Please contact us 

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